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Materializing and Performing Prajña: Jokei's Mañjusri Faith and the Kasagidera Restoration

Whom will she deliver a male child or a female child?

So please tell as to what will happen? On hearing this the sages became angry as they could foresee the truth and considered this question to be a mischievous joke. Then all of them were terrified on hearing this curse. Indeed Samba delivered an iron pestle. They took it with them and related the story to all Yadavas. Ahuka - the chief of the clan- then ordered the pestle to be grounded down to the powder and the powder be thrown into the sea.

This was done but a portion remained. And this portion also was thrown into the Sea..

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A fish swallowed that iron piece. A fisherman caught that fish and made two spears of the iron found in that fish.

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The powdered iron grains were carried by the waves to the coast and there they grew into reeds -"Eraka". Krishna knew about all these happenings. But He did not attempt or do any thing to counter the effects of the curse of the sages.

Since He was the form of Time. He accepted and approved this curse - as He desired the ruin of Yadavas. Commentary:Krishna annihilated all the wicked, with the association and help from Balarama. There was a mass destruction through the "Kurukshetra War ".

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After this, Krishna thought that the Yadava Race had become formidable and their strength had become unbearable to the Earth. He thought that since the Yadavas had surrendered themselves to Krishna but had become proud of their unrestricted opulence. As no outside force can destroy them, Krishna wanted to inspire a quarrel within the Yadava dynasty and this quarrel would act like a friction in a bamboo forest would generate fire and that fire would destroy the entire forest. Then He would have achieved the purpose of His incarnation and would return to Vaikunta.

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Krishna wanted to return to Vaikunta after His mission on the Earth was over. So He had developed Vairagya- a total detachment. Hence the curse of the sages. The lesson for others is that as a first step one should have 'vairagya " for attainig the liberation. Narada replied -" In the ancient time-very long ago, the Rishis of the Bharatha Varsha went to Nimi;s place where they were performing an Yajna. Of the sons of Rishabha, nine became wellversed in Atma Vidya. On being asked by Nimi about the Bhagavatha Dharma, Kavi-one among them replied first.

In following this path one is not overcome by the obstacles as in the path of yoga. One can follow this path with closed eyes without any fear of falling or losing steps. Then what is that path? Whatever one does with his body, mind and speech or the senses or the intellect or with the sense of I-ness that acts , let him offer or dedicate all of them to Supreme Narayana. He can come over the Maya , by listening to the Incarnations of Vishnu and His blessed deeds,chanting His names with faith,Singing His songs without any uneasiness and unmindful of the surroundings.

Then roam over the earth free from all worldly attachments. The Bhagavatha sees everywhere and in every thing in this universe as the form of Vishnu. He develops Bhakthi towards Vishnu attachment but detachment to all other mundane matters and things". Then Nimi asked - " What are the charecteristics of a Bhaghavatha and by what are the signs by which a Bhagavatha is known?

The highest Bhagavatha does not know "Mine" and "Thine Yours " either in wealth or body. He looks upon all beings with equal eyes.

Kakashi Hatake

His mind is always at peace. Meaning: The Bhakthas or devotees are classified into three groupa as -1 Superior 2 of the middle order 3 a beginner. He who wants to get rid of Maya Illusion ,he should approach a qualified Guru and he should surrender himself to the Lotus Feet of Hari. With a pure heart and mind casting and totally getting rid of anger and other qualities which inhibit a peaceful mind ,he should meditate on the "BRAHMAN ".

He should not condemn others or speak or think ill of others. He should not covet any thing.

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He should perform "Karma " or act only to please Hari. Commentary : Yogi Hari's reply was explained in the previous verse2. In this chapter 3, Nimi raises four questions about Bhagavatha Dharma after hearing from Hari.


The 4 questions are answered by -Anthariksha,Prabudhdha, Pippalayana and Avirhotra. The questions are : 1 What is then this Maya of Bhagavan Bhagavat? The essentials are mentioned here. One has to read this chapter of the Purana -verses 18 to Have a recourse to a Guru who knows the Truth and whose mind is fixed on 'Brahman".

Practise non-attachment.

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Keep the company of Sahus and Bhagavathas. Be kind to your inferiors,friendly to your equals be obedient ant respectful to your elders. Keep your body and mind pure. Regulate your life with fixed routine and rules. Have forgiveness. Do not indulge in idle uth always. Read the Sared Texts. Be harmless to all beings practise Ahimsa. See Atma and Ishvara everywhere. Be content with anything and every thing. Speak truth always. Control your inner and outer senses.

Hear,Recite , and Meditate on the deeds and Avatharas of Hari. Inthe company of Bhagavathas,interchange devotion and love. Let your mind be fixed in the thoughts of "Achyutha " always. To this Pippalayana replied- When through the desire of attaining the Lotus Feet of Narayana,one has a strong or true devotion or Bhakthi. When the mind is purified,it becomes fixed in " Atma ". Dedicate all your actions and the fruits thereof to Narayana's Lotus Feet.. They went to Badarikashrama and performed penance.