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Seraph, who hanged herself July 22 in her San Francisco apartment, is considered the first in the rash of deaths. Yuri Luv was one considered a rock-star veteran of the porn industry. On Dec. She was Stylez, from Vancouver, moved to the so-called Porn Valley in California after high school to become an adult-film star.

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So sad that my old friend MsShylaStylez has left us. August Ames, 23, said on Dec. Ames suddenly found herself being trolled by bullies who accused her of being anti-gay.

The Nova Scotia native committed suicide Dec. Read Next. Barney the dinosaur is now a tantric sex expert. This story has been shared 18, times. This story has been shared 17, times.

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How much people in the adult film industry get paid

Olivia Lua Instagram Olivia Lua, a year-old doe-eyed brunette from Philadelphia, was an instant hit when she joined the LA porn scene in It was when the cameras were off that she fell apart. Porn stars keep dying and nobody knows why. Porn star is fifth adult actress to die in three months. Fink says that people often view pornography as a taboo topic that should be pushed under the rug, leading people to make assumptions about her and other adult entertainers. Fink also says that failure to openly talk about pornography — especially between parents and children — gives children and teens an unrealistic expectation of sex.

She plans to move to Los Angeles — where her agency is based — and eventually stay primarily in Florida, where her friends live. In the meantime, Fink stays busy while establishing her career. We should be proud of this strong and independant Californian who is proudly going her own way to support herself and to make her contribuion to the State ecomomy. I predict a bright and lovely future for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Day In The Life Of A Pornstar

A very good article. I found it written in a fact presenting and thought provoking style. It sounded like the powers that be reacted before thinking. Keep up the good work. A situation like this always presents itself as a teaching moment.

How much people in the adult film industry get paid

Hopefully the student and advisor learned that well written pieces can be received by all and the administration has learned there are good people in place instructing our students and if you hired them let them do their job until they prove otherwise. Congratulations to you, Ms. You are doubtlless the most famous student journalist in the country right now! You are also extremely lucky to have a role model like Kathi Duffel showing you what journalistic integrity and courage looks like.


My highest kudos to you both! I applaud Ms. Fink and the school newspaper for standing for what they believe. The world is full of people who tell you what you cant do. I am inspired and I hope this article is received the way you intended it. An excellent student on-line publication. I congratulate all of you who both stood by your teacher and demonstrate excellent appropriate writing and media skills if you have designed and update your web page about pornography and society. A few years ago was published in England an announcement of providing a college degree in pornography.

Again, congratulations for exemplifying the possibility of an open society. Came across a story on your school paper.

Designer Jessie Andrews Talks Adult Film, Business, and Fashion Brands - Coveteur

Well written, nothing that is questionable, or obscene, and it is focused. Has the news staff discussed an ongoing series on students who are employed, going to school and the challenges, etc. Well done to all involved.