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Moreover, where through restlessness something of zeal is lost, zeal is lessened by what it loses, and when a thing is lessened it cannot be called perfect. We may sum up our account by saying that a monk cannot be perfect in his own country ; and not to wish to be perfect is a sin. But, as I have laid down already, the case of a monk is different from that of the clergy. Nee possum obtendere paupertatem, eum in evangelio anum videam duo, quae sola sibi super- erant, aera mittentem.


Mihi ante presbyterum sedere non licet; illi, si peccavero, licet tradere me Satanae in interitum carnis, ut spiritus salvus fiat. Et in veteri quidem lege, quicumque sacerdotibus non o btemperasse t, aut extra castra positus lapida- batur a populo aut gladio cervice subiecto con- temptum expiabat cruore. Nunc vero inoboed- iens spiritali mucrone truncatur aut eiectus de ecclesia rabido daemonum ore discerpitur.

Quod si te quoque ad eundem ordinem pia fratrum blandi- menta so llicitant, gaudebo de ascensu, timebo de lapsu. Et hi autem probentur primam et sic ministrent nullum crimen habentes. I cannot plead poverty, for in the Gospel I see the aged woman offering the last two pennies she had left. It is not permitted me to sit in the presence of a presbyter: it is permitted him, if I sin, to dehver me to Satan, for the destruction of the flesh that the spirit may be saved. If the pious persuasion of your brethren invites you to take clerical orders, I shall rejoice at your present rise and fear a future fall.

And let these also first be proved ; then let them minister, being found blameless.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Gatherings From Spain, by Richard Ford.

Ilico indignantis domini clamore ferie- tur: ' Serve nequam, quare non dedisti pecuniam meam ad mensam, et ego veniens cum usuris exegis- sem? Dum enim tu, ignavus negotiator, denarium tenes, alterius locum, qui pecuniam dupli- care poterat, occupasti. Non omnes episcopi episcopi. Adtendis Petrum, sed et ludam considera. Probet se unusquisque et sic accedat. Non facit ecclesiastica dignitas Christianum. Inferius, frater, 1 St. Matthew, xxii.

Luke, xix. At once his angry lord's rebuke shall strike him : ' Thou wicked servant, wherefore gavest thou not my money into the bank, that at my coming I might have required mine own -with usury? For while you, a slothful trader, keep a penny back, you occupy the place of another who could have doubled the money. Not all bishops are true bishops. You notice Peter; but mark Judas as well. Let a man examine himself and so let him come. Ecclesiastical rank does not make a man a Christian.

The centurion Cornelius was still a heathen when he was cleansed by the gift of the Holy Spirit. Daniel was but a child when he judged the elders. Amos was plucking blackberries when in a moment he was made a prophet. David was only a shepherd when he was chosen to be king.

The least of his disciples was the one whom Jesus loved most. Super quern dominus requiescit, nisi super humilem et quietum et trementem verba sua?

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Cui plus creditur, plus ab eo exigitur. Non est facile stare loco Pauli, tenere gradum iam cum Christo regnantium, ne forte veniat angelus, qui scindat velum templi tui, qui candelabrum tuum loco moveat. Aedificaturus turrem futuri operis sumptus supptita. Monachus si ceciderit, rogabit pro eo sacerdos ; pro sacerdotis lapsu quis rogaturus est? Sed quia e scopulosis locis enavigavit oratio et inter cavas spumeis fluctibus cautes fragilis in altum cumba processit, expanSenda vela sunt ventis et quaestionum scopulis transvadatis laetantium more nautarum epilogi celeuma cantandum est.

O de- sertum Christi floribus vernans! O solitudo, in qua illi nascuntur lapides, de quibus in Apocalypsi civitas magni regis extruitur! O heremus Xamiliari Deo gaudens!

INCUBUS - William Shatner - Full Length Horror Movie - Classis - Esperanto - English Subtitles

Quid agis, frater, in saeculo, qui maior es mundo? Upon whom does the Lord rest save upon him that is lowly and of a contrite spirit and that trembleth at his words?

Seven Nights

The more that is entrusted to a man, the more is de- manded from him : ' The mighty will suffer torments mightily. It is no easy thing to stand in Paul's place and to hold the rank of those who now reign with Christ. Perchance an angel may come to rend the veil of your temple and to remove your candlestick from its place. If you are thinking of building a tower, reckon up the cost of the structure first. If a monk falls, a priest will intercede for him ; but who shall intercede for a fallen priest? My discourse has now sailed clear of the reefs, and from the midst of hollow crags with foaming waves my frail bark has won her way into deep water.

Now I may spread my canvas to the wind, and leaving the rocks of controversy astern, like some merry sailor sing a cheerful epilogue. O wilderness, bright with Christ's spring flowers! O solitude, whence come those stones wherewith in the Apoca- lypse the city of the mighty king is built I O desert, rejoicing in God's famihar presence! What are you doing in the world, brother, you who are more than the universe?

Quam diu fumeus harum urbium career ineludit? Crede mihi, neseio quid plus lucis aspicio. Libet sareina earnis abiecta ad purum aetheris volare fulgorem. Paupertatem times? Labore terreris? De cibo cogitas? Super nudam metuis humum exesa ieiuniis membra 6onlidere? Squalidi capitis horret inculta caesaries? Infinita heremi vastitas terret? Quotienscumque illuc cogita- tione conscenderis, totiens in heremo non eris. Scabra sine balneis adtrahitur cutis? IL Veniet, veniet ilia dies, qua corruptivum hoc et mortale incorruptionem induat et immortali- tatem.

Beatus servus, quem dominus invenerit vigilantem. Tunc ad vocem tubae pavebit terra cum populis, tu gaudebis. How long shall the smoky prison of these cities shut you in?

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Believe me, I see some- thing more of light than you behold. How sweet it is to fling ofiF the burden of the flesh, and to fly aloft to the clear radiance of the sky!

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Are you afraid of poverty? Christ calls the poor blessed. Are you frightened by the thought of toil? No athlete gains his crown -without sweat. Are you thinking about food? Faith feels not hunger. Do you dread bruising your limbs worn away with fasting on the bare ground?

The Lord lies by your side. Is your rough head bristling with uncombed hair? Your head is Christ. Does the infinite vastness of the desert seem terrible? In spirit you may always stroll in paradise, and when in thought you have ascended there you will no longer be in the desert. Is your skin rough and scurfy without baths? He who has once washed in Christ needs not to wash again. Listen to the apostle's brief reply to all complaints : ' The sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall come after them, which shall be revealed in us.

The day, the day will come when this corrupt and mortal body shall put on incorruptibility and become immortal. Happy the servant whom the Lord then shall find on the watch. JEROME palpitabunt ; exhibebitur cum prole sua vere tunc Ignitus luppiter; adducetur et cum suis stultus Plato discipulis ; Aristoteli argumenta non pro- derunt.

Tunc tu rusticanus et pauper exultabis, ridebis et dices : ' Ecce crucifixus Deus meus, ecce iudex, qui obvolutus pannis in praesepio vagiit.

Hie est ille operarii et quaestuariae filius, hie, qui matris gfislatus sinu hominem Deus fugit in Aegyp- tum, hie vestitus coccino, hie sentibus coronatus, hie magus daemonium habens et Samarites. Videte corpus, an idem sit, quod dicebatis clam nocte tulisse discipulos. Then you the poor rustic will exult, and say with a smile : ' Behold my crucified God, behold the judge. This is he who once was wTapped in swaddling clothes and uttered baby cries in a manger.

This is the son of a working man and a woman who served for wages. This is he who, carried in his mother's arms, fled into Egypt, a God from a man. This is he who was clad in a scarlet robe and crowned with thorns.