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In the mids, an entire nostalgia industry developed that idealized early rock and roll music as evidence of a cultural golden age. The nostalgia industry of the s mostly presented a version of popular music that subsumed the attendant anxieties of rock and roll in the early s within a romanticized notion of innocence. The reimagining of the past evident in the nostalgic moment of the s recasts it to serve the needs of the present and to provide new forms of collective memory.

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Unlike Voulzy, French revivalists during the s embraced the translation song and the experiences of early rock and roll in France. The appearance of new subcultures dedicated to the promotion of forgotten artists and sounds from the early s illustrates how nostalgia also articulated the changes in French culture and society through a longing for the recent past. The song was a parody concocted by Cording alias Henri Salvador and Boris Vian to cash in on the rock and roll craze in Mocking this new trend in its lyrics, Salvador and Vian recorded a musical backdrop that matched the sounds of early rock and rollers such as Bill Haley and the Comets and Elvis Presley.

Their commercial success laid the foundation for the development of a broad, young French audience. The covering of songs was not unique to the French case, however. With the advent of recorded music in the early twentieth century, the recording industry recognized the value of a cover song, a rerecording of an existing song by a different artist. The availability of an English language song catalog for French record companies also illustrates how the cover song bridged the musical barriers between American youth culture and French audiences.

The commercial potential of translating songs bolstered the French recording industry and created a new constellation of young pop stars. The sexual horseplay of the English version is muted and instead the allure of rock and roll was celebrated in the French lyrics. Filipacchi wanted to satisfy the desires of French youth for this new music and created his radio show in Filipacchi subsequently launched a glossy magazine of the same title dedicated to les copains in an attempt to define aspects of youth culture in the early s Tinker, At times, their songs directed their audiences to the original versions in English but other times their songs were the definitive version for French listeners.

The French versions existed contemporaneously with the English ones in some cases, suggesting that the translations introduced listeners to songs established elsewhere.

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Beat groups became more influential on the aesthetic of rock and roll and a slew of new songs provided material for French singers seeking to keep up with the times. By , English language songs appeared more and more in the French charts but these were often accompanied by French language versions that had a greater degree of commercial success.

Nevertheless, the translation of American and British hits proved to be commercially viable even at the end of the decade. Still, if the hit parades can serve as an indicator, this interest was limited as translations continued to have commercial success in France.

Yet a new trend in the new decade signaled a sea change in musical style, one that found inspiration in the songs from the beginning of the rock and roll era but not necessarily translations. The United States, Great Britain, and France all experienced a revival of early rock and roll style that reached a level of cultural significance with a series of films, theatrical productions, and musical recordings rooted in an aesthetic based on an idealized version of the past. France had several examples as well, as musicians from the early s whose careers had faded returned to the spotlight and new groups formed to pay homage to the sounds of early rock and roll.

Instead, musical nostalgia extends both from the tendency of popular music artists to seek inspiration from predecessors and from the commercial interests of recording companies to sell existing recordings to new audiences. At the beginning of the s, French singers such as Eddy Mitchell and Dick Rivers, whose careers had not kept up with the changing trends in popular music, found themselves part of a revival of their music from the previous decade.

Each had continued to record songs in the early rock and roll style and attracted new audiences among young people interested in the rocker subculture.

Renewed interest in the rocker subculture in early s showed that Taylor and Mitchell had not been forgotten, despite their declining commercial fortunes. Instead, new expressions of the rocker subculture—such as les greasers , modeled on the style of les blousons noirs —formed to celebrate the musical careers of rockers.

For example, fans banded together in the early s to form Le Federation des amateurs de rock and roll et country, which published a short-lived magazine in , Namaspamous. This publication lionized the rebellious spirit of early rock and roll, paying homage to foreign artists such as Presley, Gene Vincent, and Buddy Holly, although stressing the importance of Johnny Hallyday in symbolizing that spirit for the French. Other periodicals, including Phantome and Big Beat , sporadically published issues between and that highlighted the careers of rockers in France and elsewhere in the s.

Still, these publications and programs stressed the importance of original English compositions in conjunction with examples of French rockers and their translations. This combination reveals how revivalists reconstructed the past to fit their own interests, in this case the music associated with the celebration of les blousons noirs.

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Several groups wrote and recorded new songs in homage to the earlier style of rock and roll. The group made its debut at the Golf Drouot, a nightclub once central to the rise of French rock and roll that had lost its position as a cultural mecca by the s Laproux, This juxtaposition between old and new styles was similar to British subgenre of glam rock. As a subcultural movement, glam rock was a reaction to the aesthetics of psychedelic and progressive rock that came to define popular music Auslander, Simon Reynolds observes how glam rock was a conscious revision of earlier cultural forms and ideas, even as the popularity of those forms was central to the success of the subgenre Reynolds, , The brief proliferation of stage shows in France reveals the potency of this revivalist movement and the general fascination with reimagining the s.

Feelgood, both of which had some success in France, Le Poing formed in and declared loyalty to the sound of early rock and roll despite the changes in the styles that characterized popular music in this period. In his memoir, Schmitt recalled the concerts he played both with Au Bonheur and Le Poing and the audiences for revivalism. By looking to the rebellious energy associated with the initial appearance of rock and roll, revivalists could challenge social conventions and perhaps link up with the spirit of the protests of The revivalists attempted to find that vitality while still recognizing the particular nature of rock and roll in France as something initially translated.

Still, the music of Le Poing reveals how some revivalists wanted to emphasize the importance of the original English language rock over the French versions, in essence to suggest a different past to French listeners. Full view. View all photos 27 About 4. Property amenities. Free parking. Paid public parking nearby. Highchairs available. Meeting rooms. Non-smoking hotel. Free public parking nearby.

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