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by Tim Clark

Broadening your horizons and keeping yourself alert with what is happening around and what is not is rather important too. Famously, he defines virtue as aiming to hit the mean between excess and deficiency.

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Any of these, he continues, can be felt too much or too little. Excess and deficiency are here represented by the buffoon and the boor respectively. Aristotle considered wittiness the virtue at the mean between buffoonery and boorishness. Thus as much as it is important to be humorous, you need to know when not to lose control of your laughter, comments and what not to joke about. Making fun of weddings, funerals, deaths or even children is not quite acceptable. Healthy humor and good taste are the signs of a decent individual. And like any skill, it takes practice.

Humor is like music — it has a beat and a rhythm that you can only learn through deliberate performance. You will fail multiple times.

You may also appear like a fool at times. That is ok. That is all part of your personality building. Take it up with a pinch of salt and keep plodding. Create your own version of the humor sauce and keep improving at it. Your sense of humor is a good barometer of how you see yourself and others.

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Humor can be perfect in almost any type of situation. If you are angry with someone or vice versa , often a little bit of humor can help to lighten the mood and help resolve the differences. If there is something sad, a little bit of humor can help you get out of that. Humor is one of the foremost things that help us to overcome the difficulties of life.


Encouraging Your Child's Sense of Humor

Humor allows us to take a step back and see the things that are important in life. Life is a lot easier and generally a lot happier when we see the humor in it. As aptly observed by Reba McEntire. About the author He is also an avid blogger, Haiku poetry writer, archaeology enthusiast, and history maniac. Sign in. Get started.


How to be Humorous in Everyday Life. Life is short, smile while you still have teeth.

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  • Ravi Shankar Rajan Follow. Perspective is Needed Getting perspective is one of the first steps to finding humor in everyday life. The full set of guidelines for cultivating the ability to find the funny stuff in your life is provided in Humor as Survival Training for a Stressed-Out World: The 7 Humor Habits Program. However, here are some basic strategies to get you started.

    Talk to your friends and colleagues about what this means. Eats anything. Especially fond of children. But there are also real weird, nonsensical things that come up in your own life. So spend a week pretending that Alan Funt has set these situations up for you to enjoy.

    How To Develop A Great Sense Of Humor: Let the Laughter Ring! | The Laugh Factor

    Your job is to just find them. Writing it down strengthens the habit of noticing it. Copyright owned by Paul McGhee. This article may not be reproduced without written permission granted by Paul McGhee.