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Like Deborah, Rita dreams of retiring but she fears she would have to win the lottery to do so. Conchino is, like J. His passion is his Honda Prelude, mechanic-oriented chores and despite his shy and retiring personality, illegal road races.

Conchino usually drives the ladies to and from work, as neither have a dependable vehicle. From day one the crew sail along comfortably. Unfortunately turning in their boss, Brent Baker doesn't seem kosher despite the fact that he is a millstone around their necks, usually beered up even in the daytime and a classic abuser of the perks of government employment with his two hour lunches out of his five or six hour work days.

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Awe-inspiring true Meet Dr. But no worries, this Blues society took it in stride and moved the festival a few blocks to higher ground in downtown Davenport. The festival always has 2 stages of entertainment, the main stage and the tent stage and provides 2 very different settings for artists to perform.

Dennis Weaver - Prairie Dog Blues

They also have lots of workshops and a Blues photo exhibit each year. They provided a great set to kick of the festival. Meanwhile on the Tent Stage, the Mercury Brothers put on their show. They showed that this band that made the finals of the International Blues Challenge a few years ago, still has it. Band mate Dennis Gruenling kicked it on harp and to this observer has to be one the best harmonica players in Blues music today! They played a great set of soul Blues.

Next up on the main stage was the Nick Moss Band. Ernie Peniston was the final act on the tent stage the first day of the fest. Ernie is quite an amazing singer and by all rights should definitely be know to a much wider audience! The nights headliner on the main stage was Kim Simmonds and Savoy Brown. They did a great set to cap off the first night of great music at Mississippi Valley. Next week Part 2! Featured Blues Review — 3 of Brandon Isaak — Here on Earth.

CD: 14 songs; Minutes. Styles: Contemporary Acoustic and Electric Blues. When one thinks of Canada, what are the first words that come to mind? Cold weather? Maple leaves?

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Prairie Dog Blues : A Novel by Mark Conkling (2011, Paperback)

Our Northern neighbors are skilled at both the electric and acoustic varieties, as is Whitehorse, Yukon native Brandon Isaak. One might recall him as a member of the jump-blues band The Twisters, of which he and album co-performer Keith Picot are still a part. All fourteen are candid and intimate originals, sung without countless layers of studio polishing. The only flaw is that many of his songs seem similar, which might catch listeners unaware if they want to sing along. You were talking about some so-and-so, and going on and on.

All I want to know is: Where were you all night long? He plays guitar, harmonica, foot percussion, and jug as well as lead vocals. Reviewer Rainey Wetnight is a 34 year old female Blues fan. She brings the perspective of a younger blues fan to reviews. Featured Blues Review — 4 of Self release. Paolo Mizzau has been a leading light on the Italian blues scene since the s. Guest artist, Bob Margolin, adds his uniquely powerful old school slide guitar to what is a fine blues song.

However, despite featuring a lot of first class harmonica playing, the album actually stands on the very edge of the blues genre, with other styles and particularly jazz to the fore. In addition to singing and playing harp, he also produced the album and wrote nine of the 12 songs either by himself or together with guitarist Matteo Titotto. The album benefits throughout from first class musicianship and production and comes in an attractive fold-out packaging.

Worth checking out if your tastes lie to the jazzier side of harmonica blues. Reviewer Rhys Williams lives in Cambridge, England, where he plays blues guitar when not holding down a day job as a technology lawyer or running around after his children.

Blues Blast Magazine - August 9,

He is married to an American, and speaks the language fluently, if with an accent. Featured Blues Review — 5 of The Holmes Brothers — Brotherhood. Alligator — The Holmes Brothers return after a hiatus of four years with their typical mixture of gospel sounds and secular tunes, all sung with the wonderful harmonies for which they are famous. As usual, Sherman plays bass, Wendell guitar and Popsy Dixon drums but they are aided on most tunes by co-producers Chris Bruce on guitars and bass and Glenn Patscha on keys.

Catherine Russell helps on backing vocals on four tracks, Joe Bonadio and Kenny Wollesen add drums or percussion to several cuts and John Ellis and Antoine Drye add horns to three tracks.

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Eight of the songs come from the brothers, Wendell providing six, Sherman two. All the things I did, I knew they were wrong.

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This is another solid album from The Holmes Brothers. Those who are already fans will love this one; those less familiar with their work should find plenty to enjoy here. Featured Blues Review — 6 of Magic Records. CD: 12 songs; Minutes. Styles: Contemporary Electric and Harmonica Blues.

Is it Las Vegas? Nope — the United Kingdom! Split Whiskers provides an ensemble sound, consisting of Gilby J. Of the former type of tune, these three are tops:. Gilby J. Coulda, shoulda, I woulda done, but I never made the call. Is this a rock song? Is it funk? Featured Blues Review — 7 of Stony Plain Vince Mai on trumpet and Jerry Cook on sax add horns to four tracks, Drew Davies playing tenor on one track.

Prairie Dogs, Paperback by Bodden, Valerie, Like New Used, Free shipping in t...

Guest spots come from Diunna Greenleaf on vocals and Eric Bibb on guitar and vocals. In terms of sequencing it is unfortunate that the underlying tune is so similar to the first cut, especially when there is so much variety across the CD. This is an enjoyable and varied album. This album is well worth a listen.

Featured Blues Review — 8 of Matyas Pribojszki Band — Treat. Self released — Twelve Tracks with a total running time of He also has a very nice singing voice, and his band kicks the ass of many US bands! This recording contains seven original songs with five tasteful covers that will leave you quite satisfied if you are a lover of harmonica Blues.

The musicians are Matyas Pribojszki — vocals and harmonica, Erik Kovacs — piano and keyboards, Ferenc Szasz — guitars, Ervin Eckert — bass, Daniel Molnar — drums and special guest Gabi Szucs — background vocals on track 5. This one will get you up out of your chair. Harris and D. It is the only track with no harmonica and still works well in this recording. While clocking in at only this is a strong song that puts one in the mind of the late, great Paul Delay.

Sure do miss that guy! All in all this is a solid outing from another relatively unknown Blues band. The band formed in and this would be their fourth recording.