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DA: You once said you identity yourself more by gender than by nationality, could you elaborate? As a woman my country is the whole world. I feel extremely lucky to be an American, but also at times ashamed by our political actions.

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DA: For those of us who are uninitiated, what do you think most people mean when they talk about sexual politics? DD: The way in which people relate to one another based on gender, our expectations as based on gender. DD: At some point in my development as a writer, I became interested in putting it all in, trusting my leaps, embracing vulnerability in imagery.

Denise Duhamel

So many of the images of women we see are passive. While women are often objectified by our culture, I am interested in making them the subjects not the objects, active rather than passive. DA: Mille et un sentiments is another unique collection, can you tell us about its evolution? I wrote the poem in line chunks.

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Each line is numbered. How did you two hook up?


We became friends fast and she is my oldest and dearest poetry friend. Neither of us had published much, if anything, when we met. Maybe only a dozen or so poems in magazines. I was surprised and a little confused when, mid-reading, David asked his friend Bob Flanagan to join him on stage to read some of their collaborations.

It was the first time I had ever heard of collaborative poetry.

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Thenext morning I called Maureen, and explained as best I could what I had witnessed. Want to try this? I asked her. DA: A collection of poetry based on the cartoon character Olive Oyl of Popeye fame is a rather novel concept. Maureen is a collector of all things Olive Oyl and invited me into the wacky world of Popeye. DD: Exquisite Politics was our first collaboration.

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  8. The title is a nod to Exquisite Corpse, the surrealist parlor game. We had been collaborating for six years when we put that book together, which came out in It was not a theme book, necessarily. DA: You became very involved in a project about breast cancer awareness?

    She is a survivor of breast cancer. Her best selling and most popular book to date, Kinky , marries her bent for satire, humor, and feminism in portraying an icon of popular culture, the Barbie doll, through an extended series of satirical postures "Beatnik Barbie," "Buddhist Barbie," etc.

    Duhamel, Denise 1961–

    Two collections that followed, The Star Spangled Banner and Queen for a Day , move more broadly into American culture to display the same satire through the lens of absurdity. Two and Two and Ka Ching also have the same tone. Her poetry has been widely anthologized and has appeared in The Best American Poetry annuals.

    Of this collaboration, Duhamel says, "Something magical happens when we write - we find this third voice, someone who is neither Maureen nor I, and our ego sort of fades into the background.

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    The poem matters, not either one of us. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Florida International University. Retrieved 6 October Melville House Publishing.