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Reign of the Nightmare Prince

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If you want to opt out at any given time, you can adjust this on your account page Accept And Proceed to Website Click here to read our Privacy Policy. But they believe they are above the law. Left: Prayuth Chan-ocha sits at the feet of lycra-clad Vajiralongkorn, August Right: Vajiralongkorn wearing a crop top and fake tattoos at Munich Airport. Not long after the junta seized power in May , it started to become apparent that the prince and the generals were colluding, and acting with total impunity.

Srirasmi herself was banished to her family home in Rachaburi, and has been denied any further contact with her young son Dipangkorn.

The purple reign is over: Long live Prince’s legacy

Credible information has emerged that even now she is still being tormented and humiliated on the orders of the prince. The prince responded by launching another savage purge, which included the murder of three members of his inner circle. Police Major Prakrom Warunprapa was killed in October while being held in military detention at the army barracks in Nakorn Chaisri Road, Bangkok. The official explanation for his death was that he hanged himself with his shirt in his cell.

Then, in November, famous fortune teller Saurian Sucharitpolwon aka Mor Yong also died in military custody. His death was never officially announced, but his family was told that he had committed suicide. All three men were murdered in military custody, either by the crown prince himself or by others acting on his orders. Prawit Wongsuwan and Prayuth Chan-ocha assented to the killings, and the Thai police and military covered up what had happened. The pervasive climate of fear has been given a surreal twist with the publication of bizarre photographs showing that Vajiralongkorn apparently enjoys wearing skimpy crop tops and fake tattoos.

All of this is widely known in Thailand, yet nobody dares to speak about it openly. Left: Prayuth with Mor Yong in happier times.

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Right: Mor Yong after his arrest. Bhumibol and Vajiralongkorn, December For many years, most of the Thai royalist elite have hated Vajiralongkorn, and some have tried to sabotage his succession prospects. A secret U. Vajiralongkorn knows he is hated by most of the elite, and he hates them back.