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The characters are well developed and well written. If you are looking for a good light story this is it. Jun 11, Marzena rated it did not like it Shelves: ebook , read-in-english. Hey everyone, let's write a novel lini! Not quite sure how to do it? Not a problem, there's a working recipe how to get published. First: the people. Make the heroine lovely and pretty but not too beautiful, she wouldn't be likeable then, duh , and make the hero sexy and cute, whatever rings your bells.

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Make them both successful or better, workaholics. We don't have to add much background, we're fine with heroine going to-going back from work, dead tired. Drop a lot of brand names, wardrobe ta Hey everyone, let's write a novel lini! Drop a lot of brand names, wardrobe tags flying around so we know they're stylish. Don't forget a gay friend, THE best friend, overprotecting parents from one side and all we need is the couple-to-be to encounter.

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Et voila! Right, now that my sarcasm has run dry, I want to make something clear. Novellini or not, standards are expected. Reading something that's tragically not funny, predictably predictable yet still not enjoyable is a waste of time I'll never get back. Aug 10, Hazel rated it did not like it. Dont normally write reviews but i feel I need to justify the low rating! I felt like I was reading adverts all the time - the main character could not leave a place without commenting on the brand of clothing, make of car, type of handbag!

There was no depth to the sentence structure or the characters never mind the plot. This felt like a book written in bullet points and I forced myself to read to the end. Jan 02, Sibel Hodge rated it it was amazing. When a new doctor is forced onto Hope's practice, it's the last thing she wants, but Brad has a way of getting under her skin that she can't ignore! I read Burn Out by Traci Hohenstein and love the way she writes so I was looking forward to reading this romcom and it didn't disappoint. It's a really easy, and light-hearted read with great characters that you can easily relate to.

If you're looking a a fast, fun read, Special Delivery is a great pick! Jan 11, Josephine rated it did not like it. The writing was so childish and silly. It's a fast read and a chick flick. I am definitely not going to finish the series. It was too predictable.

Mar 04, Leigh Mitchell rated it liked it. I enjoyed this for a free book, can't decide whether to give 3 or 4 stars. A nice light read.

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Jan 01, Nicky rated it it was ok. First person.. WAY too many brand names thrown around.. Overall it was just okay.. I liked it enough but Im very glad I didnt pay for it. Jan 31, Anna rated it really liked it. Short, Predictable and pretty cheesy. A great beach read book! Jun 16, Brit rated it liked it Shelves: Quick, easy read. Obvious ending, but still pretty good. Dec 31, Literary Chanteuse rated it really liked it Shelves: chick-lit. A light chick lit story with a little touch of Hollywood that is really enjoyable and easy to read.

Just what the doctor ordered. Jul 24, Dawn rated it really liked it Shelves: cute-fun-chick-lit. Cute light hearted read. I'd read more by this authors. She makes lunch breaks go by rather quickly. Apr 13, Jessica Smith rated it liked it. Started fantastic The main character was extremely likable and funny. The plot flowed at a nice steady pace. The ending let me down From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Brooklyn , New York, U. Glendale, California , U. Sheila Maureen Barnard Tayback m. Retrieved Greensboro News and Record. Love, Simon Director: Greg Berlanti.

Love, Simon was not the first queer teen movie though it was being touted as if it was , and it was not even the first queer film to explore digital identities, but the film is nonetheless of interest because of the way that it uses digital spaces to project who Simon wants to be and and what Simon wants gay desire to look like. Love, Simon is one of a few very recent queer films that has its protagonist use the internet to imagine who they could be, or who they think they should be. Their mutual point of magnetism: They both like fiction books.

Nevertheless, Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi was one of the first Hindi films to focus on a madcap comedy and romance angle, with the drama and action taking more than a backseat in the meandering plot. The story involves three brothers Brijmohan, Jagmohan and Manmohan who run an auto repair shop, played by three brothers in real life: Ashok Kumar, Anoop Kumar and Kishore Kumar. After being jilted in love, Brijmohan counsels his younger brothers never to trust women. Enter damsel-in-distress Renu, played by the luminous Madhubala, whose car breaks down one stormy night.

Manmohan fixes her car, and the pair fall in love. Fortunately, Manmohan and his brothers intervene, and after a bout of boxing, the three brothers are united with their loves. Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi features classic songs that are hummed to this day, slapstick comedy and brilliant chemistry between the lead actors.

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Backward, and wearing high heels. Or in this case, saddle shoes. Obvious Child Director: Gillian Robespierre. Above all else, Obvious Child is a compassionate film. That might strike pro-life viewers as odd, even offensive, to say since this romantic comedy-drama features a main character getting ready to have an abortion. That the movie also manages to be funny and incredibly sweet is a small marvel. In fact, as the film opens, she walks off stage from a small Brooklyn club to discover that her boyfriend is leaving her for her friend.

Thrown into depression, Donna alternates between stalking her ex and trying to turn her misery into standup material. Obvious Child seeks to rethink the typical twenty-something romantic comedy. The setup is almost a parody of the scenario usually visited upon a sad-sack protagonist: Not only does Donna lose her boyfriend, she also discovers her job is ending, leaving her in a state of total limbo.

Touching on a red-hot issue, Obvious Child is agreeably gentle, and even wise. Beginners Director: Mike Mills. Christopher Plummer is absolutely smashing as Hal, a man coming out late in life after the death of his wife, Georgia Mary Page Keller. Told in flashbacks from the s up to , Beginners demands total concentration from the viewer. For Hal, this means coming out as both a gay man and as a bit of a partier; for Oliver, this means finally growing out of an extended adolescence and understanding how to love someone else even when loving is painful.

For queer people, many of whom end up experiencing both of these realities, the film will particularly hit home. Beginners deserves to be recognized as a classic of queer cinema.