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It could be the ending, or a twist halfway through, or just the entire story that makes you go "WTF?! There are last lines that change the meaning of the entire story. There are stories that you don't understand until you read them multiple times. There are moments that shock you, anger you, unsettle you, freak you out, or make you want to throw the book across the room and scream "WHAT?! Above all, these are stories that you won't easily forget. This is one of the most famous short stories in American literature with a memorable ending that's sure to rock you.

An American small town seems innocuous enough -- but oh, it is not.

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This story of a Civil War execution plays with time and has an ending that makes the story even more confusing, if that's possible. This is the first appearance of Seymour Glass in the Salinger canon, and it's safe to say you won't truly understand the ending until you read every other Glass story. Maybe not even then. Another classic and unforgettable American short story in which a family road trip turns into something else.

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You can guess what's going to happen, yet you're still not prepared for it. Alice Munro is the master of the disturbing, multi-layered short story, but when she turns her attention to the behavior of children, she truly outdoes herself. The office frustrations of an unassuming middle-aged man quickly spiral out of control in this tale by the author who brought us the deceptive story "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

Jorge Luis Borges is a master of magical realism, and this story will make you contemplate the universe. You slowly start to realize that something isn't quite right in this story, although the monomania probably tipped you off. George Saunders' unsettling short story unfolds from the diary entries of an unreliable narrator.

Leonardo dicaprio. Sisir Sahoo.

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Devansh Shah. Neaz Rahman Shaqib. Sushmitha Gowlikar. Syed Azeem. Rishabh Deep Singh. Atharva Gupte. Dhvani Kabra.

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Rupali Rout. Arnab Mathur. Apoorv Verma.

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Atharva Sonawane. Simran Kapoor. Sachit Sinha. Anandi Bhattacharya. Tanya Tanushree. Advait Mishra. Sayuj Nair. Akhil T. Jhanvi pradnani. Sanika Pimple. Arghyadeep Chowdhury. Vaishnavi Gupta. Shruti Hegde. Labiba Morshed Ahona. Debosmita Sikdar. Rishi Bhattacharya. Prashanth Nandamuri. Aagam Nandu.

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Varun jeedi. Pulastya Gangopadhyay. Adhiraj Singh Rathore. Shinjini Dutta Shinzo. Ananya Kumar.

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