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Celtic Tiger

Choose a dictionary. Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English. Word Lists. Choose your language. My word lists. Tell us about this example sentence:. This is a good example of how the word is used. The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word. In landlocked counties such as this and neighbouring Longford, residents scoff at suggestions of a new Celtic Tiger. Economists insist, however, that the Irish recovery is now broader and deeper than just Dublin.

Ireland is creating about 1, new jobs a week, three-quarters of them outside the capital. Credit growth in Ireland is still quite muted. What we are seeing is job gains, plus some income growth and low inflation. Topics Ireland The Observer. Europe Economics Economic recovery Brexit features.

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Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Most popular. Foreign investment was virtually excluded and high tariffs were imposed on imports to protect anyone willing to manufacture products in Ireland.

The level of protection of Irish industry remained extremely high for the next four decades. Even as late as the average rate of effective protection of Irish manufacturing industry was almost 80 per cent, one of the highest in the western world. In addition, measures were introduced to encourage the growth of native Irish industry, as well as a more labour-intensive pattern of farming.

Ireland was a largely rural and underdeveloped nation at this point, one of the poorest in Europe. Employment and living standards were down; emigration, always a concern, increased; and stagnation was rampant. The situation as described in a report by the government itself bordered on the desperate. The response, initiated by Thomas K. It was followed by a series of both major and less influential reports. In fact, this projected rate was doubled with corresponding increases in other economic indicators GNP, employment opportunities, imports and personal expenditures.

The EU opened new markets for the Irish economy; allowed multinationals to locate in a country with access to the European market. A succession of governments under control of both of the political parties committed to the objectives of economic redevelopment, an open economy, international trade, public subsidies for selected industries and corporations, infrastructure improvement, educational training, and, more broadly, an alliance among business, trade unions, and the government to achieve common economic goals.

The various governments also managed to bring the public and key groups along with them, as evident in the cooperative agreements of the last decade establishing agreed upon wage standards. Overall it is an impressive picture not only of economic growth and success but of what governments can do to achieve such objectives through informed planning and a sustained political will.

It is worth remembering that change did not come easily.

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In one sense, Ireland was not well positioned for the economic restructuring advocated by the government. An earlier report by American consultants highlighted some of the difficulties to be faced. The talk is of economic expansion but the actions of government, business and labor alike is too often along the lines of consolidating present positions rather than accept the hazards inherent in changed practice upon which expansion depends. There are few evidences of boldness or assurance in economic behavior to give substance to expressed economic aims. Overall, the projections indicate a continued strong performance with a continuity in trends well into the next century.

An examination of the growth in GNP and GNP per capita along with population growth for the entire period is impressive table 1. Irish pounds at constant prices. GNP in million euros at current market prices : 55, in and 74, in Population in 3,, It was 3. Source: Kieran A. The GDP for the years is 4. The most significant growth occurred in the most recent period 8. The GDP rate per capita and per worker as well as the employment rate show the greatest increases also during the mids table 2.

When the GDP output and private consumption per capita are compared to the UK and EU averages the same pattern emerges: poor performance in the early s; growth since then, although at times uneven, with the greatest increases in the s. First, comparisons both in terms of total GDP and GDP per capita for the years to the averages for the OECD nations, it begins below the others in the s but its economy performs better on both indicators during the s and s and for the period as a whole.

Matched with selected other countries Britain, Germany, Spain, the United States during much of the same period, a similar pattern emerges. During the s it began behind each of the others and well behind three of the four.

Its performance improved and it narrowed the gap for the most part during the s and s. The greatest change came in the s and by the mids Ireland was doing better in GDP per capita and in purchasing power than Britain and Spain and positioned itself not far behind Germany although well behind the United States table 3. Investment levels lagged behind the UK and the EU average during the s, but exceeded them in both the s and the s with the greatest distance evident between Ireland and the UK. Source: Anthony J. Leddin, Brendan M. Unemployment may be a more intractable and long-run problem than the government realizes.

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A class bias is obvious in unemployment It is most pronounced among the less skilled, less highly educated and less well-off sectors of the working force. The Irish government has placed its major emphasis on high-tech service industry development, an area least receptive to an unskilled, undereducated work force.

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This is an unpleasant development for a country whose cultural and social development has emphasized an equality of life stations. A globalized economy and a free-market emphasis work to undermine extensive state intervention in economic matters and extensive social welfare protections, many of which were often taken as birth rights. Its economic restructuring has resulted in the emergence of a new social order, international in perspective, aggressive and self-confident in approach.

The major question is will it last.

What is CELTIC TIGER? What does CELTIC TIGER mean? CELTIC TIGER meaning, definition & explanation

Three answers to this question are presented. Two are measured, cautionary and to a degree, uncertain; the other considerably more enthusiastic. These serve to encompass the range of current opinions. No longer is it dependent on one slowly growing market the UK and one slowly growing product food.

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Managerial and industrial skills have been improved and are more widely dispersed among the labour force. A much smaller proportion of the labour force is now located in activities subject to inevitable decline.

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Are they the product of the fiscal medicine of the mids, or do they stem instead from EU structural funds and distortionary transfers to farmers and industrialists?